A few reminders…

  • Wednesdays are reserved times for IHC and other administrative activities, so don’t schedule events on Wednesdays at noon.
  • Login below to submit an event using the WordPress icon.
  • Characters like apostrophes and ampersands don’t show up very well when people sync events to their personal calendars (like iCal), so keep that in mind when titling your events.
  • Don’t title events (or anything, for that matter) in all capital letters.
  • Try and use your organization’s full name to make it easier for people to find your events.
  • Please wait to schedule events until you have information for the time, date, and location. You, unfortunately, cannot go back and edit events. If there are any changes, email the webmaster with changes.
  • In an effort to avoid duplications, please search for existing venues, calendars, and organizers before making a new one. If you are making an event for an interest group, do not select “General Student Events” as your calendar, select your interest group.