Established in 1990, MEDiC is a student-run program of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and is comprised of seven health clinics throughout Madison. MEDiC’s goals are twofold: first, to improve the health of the underserved in the Madison area and second, to educate University of Wisconsin-Madison health professions students.

The seven clinics provide a variety of services, including general medical care, physical therapy, dentistry, and mental health care.

  • Grace Clinic is held at 7:45pm on Tuesdays at the Porchlight Men’s Shelter in the Grace Episcopal Church on the Capitol Square.
  • Salvation Army Clinic provides care to residents of the Salvation Army Family and Women’s Shelter on Tuesday nights starting at 6:40pm.
  • Michele Tracy Preventative Health Clinic occurs one Tuesday evening each month and provides specific programs aimed at improving the health status of residents of Porchlight’s North Brooks Street housing facility.
  • Safe Haven Mental Health Clinic operates every other Wednesday starting at 6:30pm at Porchlight’s facility on Nakoosa Trail.
  • Center for Families Pediatric Clinic serves clients of the Center for Families on the third Wednesday of every month.
  • Madison Dental Initiative offers dental services to Dane County residents and operates on Thursday nights out of the Salvation Army Family and Women’s Shelter.
  • South Side Clinic is the MEDiC’s only walk-in clinic and opens at 8am every Saturday out of the Access Community Health Center on Park Street.
  • MEDiC’s Clinics also feature specialty clinics such as Physical Therapy, Flu Shot Clinics, and Dermatology.
  • MEDiC also holds Health Talks, an opportunity for students to educate women recovering from addiction at two ARC locations on a variety of health topics.

MEDiC Volunteers must attend an Orientation Session before they can begin volunteering. MEDiC holds two volunteer sessions each year: the first in June and the second at the beginning of the academic year, in September. You should receive an e-mail a few weeks before each orientation.

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Questions? Contact anyone on MEDIC Council or e-mail us.

2017 MEDiC Council Leadership

Natanya Russek President
Erin Curtis Vice President – Finance
Ryan Haggart Vice President – Development
Bo Peng Fundraising
Soibhan Kelley Quality and Supply Manager
Brittany Anderson Public Relations
Vincent Borkowski Data Project/EMR Coordinator
Jeanne Tong Safe Haven Clinic Coordinator
Kyle Rourke Grace Clinic Coordinator
August Kunkel Grace Clinic Coordinator
Mireya Taboada Southside Clinic Coordinator
Lizeth Garcia-Jennings Southside Clinic Coordinator
Emma Gill Southside Intake Coordinator
Gabrielle Quiggle Southside Intake Coordinator
Lily Turner Salvation Army Clinic Coordinator
Nina Mirabadi Salvation Army Clinic Coordinator
Ross Gilbert Michele Tracy Clinic Coordinator
Colin Harari Michele Tracy Clinic Coordinator
Nnenna Ezeh CFF Clinic Coordinator
Bailee Stark Community Resources/ROR (ROR not assigned yet)
Connie Wu Community Resources
Ari Stone Referrals Coordinator
Tanya Haasbeek Referrals Coordinator
Bryce de Venecia Referrals Coordinator
Jenn Mirrielees Referrals Coordinator
Joseph L’Huillier Clinician Scheduler
Alberto Perez Student Scheduler
Meghan Martin Drug Supply Coordinator – Safe Haven
Musetta Steinbach Drug Supply Coordinator – Southside
Melissa Kerhin Drug Supply Coordinator – Salvation Army
Nicole Haebig Drug Supply Coordinator – CFF, Grace
Kate Berlin Pharmacy Liaison
Amanda Schmoeger Nursing Education Lead
Emily Menting Nursing Scheduling Lead
Kelsey Henriquez PA Coordinator
Chris Mackay Southside PT Coordinator
Lauren Callin Southside PT Coordinator
Kylie Reese Salvation Army/Grace PT Coordinator
Olivia Westhoff Salvation Army/Grace PT Coordinator
Mitch Phillips PT Coordinator