Families and Nontraditional Students (FANS)
  • Leader(s): Madeleine Puissant, Ari Stone
  • Contact email: Madeleine Puissant, Ari Stone
  • Listserv Information: Send email to join
  • Meeting Information: FANS exists to celebrate and support loving relationships and nontraditional students! Whether you're in a committed relationship, caring for/expecting a child, and/or returning to school as an adult , we provide a great way to meet other medical students who have similar challenges and priorities. Events and services include: social gatherings, childcare connections, meal trains, and study groups. Please contact Ari Stone ([email protected]) or Madeleine Puissant ([email protected]) for more details!

First and foremost, our interest group aims to celebrate loving relationships and nontraditional students!  Whether you are married, in a committed relationship, a parent, and/or a nontraditional student this group serves as a great way to meet other medical students who share your concerns and face the same challenges during medical school. Check us out on Facebook.