President: Joey Janz

Vice President: Aahad Khan

Treasurer: Nadeem Bandealy

Webmaster: Stephen Chen

Phase 1 EPCC Rep: Adam Awe

Phase 1 OSR Rep: Joey Janz -> TBA

Phase 1 Equity and Diversity Rep: Norah Ntambi

Phase 1 Class  of 2021 Co-Presidents: Jenna Hatab and Katy Jensen

Phase 1 Class of 2021 Class Representatives: Eva Bond, Elliot Franczek, Laura JosephsonVimal Konduri, Gabe Sobczak, Sam Talerico

Phase 2 Class of 2020 Class Representatives: Lily Turner, Mel Ricker

Phase 2 Class  of 2020 Co-Presidents: Tenzin Atruktsang, Jennifer Mirrielees

Class of 2019 Co-Presidents: Jessica Chung and Andy Van Pay

Class of 2018 Co-Presidents: Sean Buck and Laura Lins


Education Policy Committee Representatives: Mark Kelly (2019), Yusi He (2018), Morgan Weber (2017)

OSR: Molly Sygulla (2019), Nate Schwartz (2018), Kim Maciolek (2017)

Class of 2019 Class Representatives: Katie Lucarelli, Justin Jagodinsky, Kevin Beene, Brian Kroll

Class of 2018 Class Representatives: Alex Douglas and Jeremy Riekena

Class of 2017 Class Representatives: Sarah MacKay and Kathryn Ritter


Please see below for MSA committees and their respective chairperson. Please feel free to contact the chairperson for more information on the committee, any updates, or any further information.

Constitution/ Bylaw Committee: Jenna Hatab

Curriculum Committee: Adam Awe

Dean’s Cup Committee: Gabe Sobczak

Election Committee: Joey Janz

Equipment and Clothing Sales: Laura Josephson

Equity and Diversity Committee: Norah Ntambi

Facilities Committee: Aahad Khan

Finance Committee: Nadeem Bandealy

Orientation Committee: Sam Talerico

Social Committee: Jenna Hatab

Website Committee: Stephen Chen