Community Engagement Officers: Saira Khanna (Gundersen) and Cassie Schandel (Bamforth)

Community Engagement Liaisons: Taylor Boland (Bamforth), Rebecca Warwick (McPherson), Anne-Marie Giuca (McPherson)

Finance Officer: Anatoliy Nechyporenko (Middleton)

Secretary: Katey Molinarolo (Bardeen)

Admissions Ambassador: Cydney Heid (Bardeen), Maureen Riegert (Bardeen), Ashley Soppe (Bamforth)

Big Sib/ Little Sib Coordinators: Erik Anderson (Bamforth), Lily Thompson (Bardeen), Clara Ye (Gundersen), Derek Hoerres (McPherson), and Stephanie Fricke (Middleton)

House Cup Coordinators: Ashley Soppe (Bamforth), Courtney Pokrzywa (Bamforth), and Abby Schuh (McPherson)

Noon Talk Coordinator: Nikita Shulzhenko (Bamforth)

Communications Coordinator: TBA

Community Engagement Liaisons (CELs)

What is a CEL?

Community Engagement Liaisons for each house work closely with partnering community organizations to find volunteer opportunities that will both benefit the partner and generate outreach activities for medical students. We coordinate and plan service and/or volunteer opportunities in order to help organizations and communities in the Madison area, provide meaningful and fun volunteer opportunities for students, and to foster a house identity within UWSMPH. 

Who can attend meetings? Who can be a member?

Any medical student, regardless of house, can attend a volunteer or service event coordinated by the CELs.  Students are not limited to just volunteering with the Community Partner for their own House.

What do CELs do?

We strive to have medical students involved in the diverse communities around Madison. As future M.D. candidates, an in depth, personal understanding of the health risks and factors that affect the friends and families in our communities will be a helpful and effective tool in serving and advocating for their health and wellness.

The following is a short list and description of each Community House Partner:

BamforthNeighborhood House is a non-profit organization offering programming and social services to youth, adults, and families in Madison.

Bardeen – Allied United Community Center leads youth development programs related to character and leadership, education and career development, health and fitness, the arts, and sports and recreation.

GundersonGoodman Community Center is a non-profit organization that serves four neighborhoods on the far east side of Madison with facilities and supportive programs.

MiddletonPorchlight is an organization that provides emergency shelter, food, employment services, counseling, and housing to homeless people in the Dane County area.

McPhersonSalvation Army is an organization that provides social services and youth programs to vulnerable members of Dane County.

Current CELs: Anne-Marie Giuca, Rebecca Warwick, Taylor Boland, Priya Pathak

More Information

Please see the UWSMPH page on Learning Communities for more information about the IHC and the house program.