This page is designed to be a brief outline of the guidelines you must follow in order to receive money for your student organization event or travel reimbursement. Not every rule for every situation is outlined here however – talk to the MSA treasurer if you have ANY questions before you spend money. MSA does not give money to organizations before events. We expect you to pay for the event and then we will reimburse you. Any Type of Event: Noon Talks, Community Service Events, etc.

  • When you want to spend money for ANY reason, you need to submit a Programming Request at least 2 weeks in advance of your event.
  • When the event is done, then you need to submit a Reimbursement Request less than 2 weeks after your event .

Then turn in to the MSA treasurer (via attachment on the reimbursement form or to the Student Services mailbox):

  • Original receipts
  • Attendance/sign-in sheet

Please Note:
a) If you do not submit your funding request at least 2 weeks prior to the event, you will not be approved for funding.
b) If you don’t submit your funding reimbursement form, receipts & attendance sheet within at least 2 weeks after the event, you’ll receive 1/2 of the funding allotted.
c) If you submit your funding request AFTER the event, no funding will be given.

d) There is a 300 dollar limit on funding for each student organization per semester.

e) You must submit your event to the student calendar.