Phase 1

Please use the links below to communicate any concerns or feedback about Phase 1 blocks to the MSA Curriculum Committee, block representatives, and block leaders.

Food, Fasting, and Fitness; Spring 2018

Phase 2 and Phase 3

MSA is excited to continue to serve our class through Phase 2 and Phase 3.
One of our goals for Phase 2 is to provide an efficient and effective system for our class to provide feedback about our respective grids. If you have any feedback, please consider communicating it to your Grid Reps via the following survey forms.

Grid 1: Savannah Vogel and Andrew Truong

Grid 2: Ali Jandal and Brenna Redemann

Grid 3: Laura Valaas and Ellie Sato

Grid 4: Taryn Valley and Gisèle Toumi

TRIUMPH: Erin Nacev and Ben Nguyen

WARM: Taylor Vander Plas and Steve Peery